Critical Care

Critical Care

GBUK Healthcare provides a comprehensive portfolio of medical, surgical and critical care devices. Specialising in surgical suction, wound drainage and both open and closed suction. GBUK Healthcare products are found extensively in Operating Theatres, in High Dependency and Intensive Care units, on medical and surgical wards, and in Cardiothoracic, Urology, ENT and Women’s Health departments. GBUK Healthcare products represent clinical innovation, technical excellence and outstanding value.

Critical Care Product Range

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  • Critical Care
  • General Care
  • Surgical Care

Mucus Extractor

Silicone Pessaries

Blood Pressure Cuffs

High Vacuum Systems

Tracheal Specimen Set

TenderTip Closed Suction 72 hr

TenderTip Closed Suction 24 hr

Oral Care Suction

CareTip Open Suction

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