Manual Handling

Manual Handling

GBUK Banana is the UK’s leader in the technology of patient moving and handling. The Banana range includes lateral transfer boards and sheets used for moving patients from a bed to a trolley or operating table, slide sheets to assist in repositioning patients in bed, and hoists and slings for moving patients in safety and with dignity. Innovative and providing excellent value, GBUK Banana products directly enhance and improve the safety and well-being of patients and carers.

Manual Handling Product Range

  • All
  • Care Management
  • Patient Proning
  • Patient Repositioning
  • Patient Transfer

Banana Versal Sheet Clamp

Banana Turntable

Banana Belt

On-Bed Management System – Washable

On-Bed Management System – SPU

Banana Versal Bed Adaptor

Banana Versal Sheet – Breathable SPU

Banana Versal Sheet – Breathable & Washable

Banana Versal Sheet – Washable

Banana Intoprone – Proning Device

Banana Slide – Single Patient Flat & Tubular

Banana Orbit – Patient Proning Devices

Banana Board – Lateral Rigid

Banana Board – Original Seated

Banana Board – Q2 Seated

Banana Board – Prime Seated


Banana Board – Straight Seated


Banana Board – Lateral Folding

Banana Transfer Sheet

Launderable Slide Sheets

Banana Transfer Handle

Banana Slide – Single Patient Flat & Tubular

Banana Slide – Single Patient Tubular

Banana Slide – Disposable Flat

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