Versal for the NHS

Banana Versal

Designed by Diane Hindson, Backcare Advisor from County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust, the new Banana Versal developed by GBUK Healthcare is a moving and handling slide sheet with a difference.

Versal replaces the need for multiple flat or tubular slide sheets. The unique design facilitates a full range of patient movement, with the versatility of both flat and tubular sheets. Versal is a single sized sheet, placed under the patient in the same position for every procedure.

The new slide sheet is great from a tissue viability point of view as the heels are covered for all patient movement. The majority of the time the staff are concerned about the trunk and tend to forget about the heels. With this design of slide sheet the risk is eliminated.

Having trialled this slide sheet in situ under a patient with the Intelligent Pressure Distribution Mapping (MAP) system there were no significant pressure changes seen. I am happy for this slide sheet to be left in situ under patients following individual risk assessment.

Carol Johnson
Tissue Viability Matron
University Hospital of North Durham & Darlington Memorial Hospital.