Patient Transfer

GBUK Banana Transfer Devices Creative imagination raises new possibilities

To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination & marks real advance in science.

Albert Einstein

Patient Air Assistance

  • Thousands of patients are transferred between beds, trolleys and operating tables every day

  • Inappropriate transfer equipment might be used on occasions or even
    no equipment at all

  • The use of inappropriate transfer procedures increases the risk to patients

  • Transfers without use of a transfer device increase the risk of MSK injury to carers

Transfer Devices from GBUK Banana offer

  • A wide range of innovative products

  • Compliance with safe manual handling procedures

  • Increased safety for carer and the patient

Our devices

Airpal – Reusable Transfer

Airpal – Single Patient Use Transfer

Banana Board – Lateral Folding

Banana Board – Lateral Rigid

Banana Board – Original Seated

Banana Board – Prime Seated

Banana Board – Q2 Seated

Banana Board – Straight Seated

Banana Intoprone – Proning Device

Banana Transfer Handle


Our Awards

2017 Innovative Product Showcase Award

2016 Highly Commended

Winner of the 2016 Bright Ideas in Health Awards

Patient SAFETY Awards finalist 2017

HSJ 2016 Highly Commended

HSE Risk Reduction through Design Award commended entries 2017

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