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GBUK Banana Repositioning Devices Bright new thinking, improved result

We cannot solve problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein

Patient Repositioning

  • Thousands of patients each year are repositioned to meet individual
    clinical needs

  • There is often the need for frequent and regular repositioning and turning to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers

  • Inappropriate technique and using incorrect equipment increase the risk of injury

Repositioning Devices from GBUK Banana offer

  • Innovative products that have been developed by expert clinicians

  • Advanced materials and design technology

  • Scope for full compliance with manual handling techniques

  • Potential to reduce the risk of injury and increase efficiency & standards in practice

Our devices

Airpal – Reusable Transfer

Airpal – Single Patient Use Transfer

Banana Intoprone – Proning Device

Banana Orbit – Patient Proning Devices

Banana Slide – Disposable Flat

Banana Slide – Single Patient Tubular

Banana Slide – Single Patient Flat & Tubular

Banana Slide – Single Patient Flat & Tubular

Banana Versal Bed Adaptor

Banana Versal Sheet – Breathable & Washable

Banana Versal Sheet – Breathable SPU

Banana Versal Sheet – Washable

Banana Versal Sheet Clamp

Launderable Slide Sheets

On-Bed Management System – SPU

On-Bed Management System – Washable


Our Awards

2017 Innovative Product Showcase Award

2016 Highly Commended

Winner of the 2016 Bright Ideas in Health Awards

Patient SAFETY Awards finalist 2017

HSJ 2016 Highly Commended

HSE Risk Reduction through Design Award commended entries 2017

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