Banana Versal Slide Sheet

The intended use of a Slide Sheet is to reduce the friction and shear during the task of moving and /or repositioning a patient on a surface; it also reduces the effort and reduces the manual handling risk of the staff undertaking these manoeuvres (Fray 2015). Prior to the use of a Slide Sheet a thorough risk assessment in line with local policy should be undertaken to identify and mitigate against potential risks. Principles of independent movement should be considered wherever possible (e.g. whether a patient can assist in the movement using the slide sheet).

Features & Benefits

  1. Simplifies and helps reduce confusion of slide sheet selection by having one sheet for all repositions medially and laterally
  2. Improve patient safety by ensuring all bony prominences of the patient are protected by two layers of slide sheet
  3. Can improve patient comfort, reduce nursing time and improve efficiency of care
  4. Can help reduce the hidden costs of pressure ulcers or an MSK injury
  5. Head and foot label for easy identification of orientation
  6. Drawstring bag to improve storage
  7. Latex free – minimises risk of allergic reaction
  8. Silicone coated with high slip finish
  9. Individually packed in Bio degradable material – reduces unnecessary use

Product Codes

Product Code Declared Use Product Description Unit of Sale NHSSC
B-Redi100200-WReusable HybridBanana, Hybrid, Versal Slide Sheet, Reusable 100cm x 230cm50FER13785
B-REDI100200FTSingle Patient Use HybridBanana, Hybrid, Versal Slide Sheet, Single Patient Use 100cm x 230cm50FER13130

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