Banana Prime

A Seated transfer board is a piece of equipment that helps assist a person move or 'transfer' from one surface to another; for example, from bed to chair or from wheelchair to toilet.

Features & Benefits

  1. Curved board shape allows side-to-side and straight transfers
  2. Supports independent movement
  3. Non Slip Pads to ensure safe movement
  4. Tapered edges to ensure easy insertion and removal
  5. Lightweight, easy to hold and carry
  6. Low cost hard-wearing board
  7. Versatile patented curved shape for smooth side to side or straight transfer
  8. Original Banana Transfer Board
  9. 200kg SWL

Product Support

Support Documents

Product Codes

Product Code Declared Use Product Description Unit of Sale NHSSC
BB-PrimeReusable Seated BoardBanana, Seated Board, Prime, Reusable 26cm x 62cm1FER13830

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