Serres SAGA Cart

Making Surgical Suction Smarter. Minimally invasive endoscopic & ambulatory procedures involving large quantities of fluids are increasing around the world. More fluids add pressure on nurses using traditional methods to collect and manage fluids. Serres SAGA makes surgical suction smarter.

Features & Benefits

  1. Time Efficient – Efficient and virtually silent suction is enabled by two independently adjustable suction channels, each with three ports. Conveniently expand the 36-liter starting capacity to whatever volume is needed without stopping suction. Rapid changeover in between cases with a simple patient manifold switch ensuring less workload for your circulating healthcare staff.
  2. Safety – A fully closed system ensures that all surgical aerosols and carcinogens are contained within the liner, all fluids collected are solidified automatically and safe for incineration or transport off site for disposal. Manual handling of waste is further reduced with the mobility of the unit itself.
  3. Deficit Monitoring – Serres Saga is a perfect fit for procedures involving large fluid quantities, when fluid irrigation needs careful control. Serres Saga makes it easy to monitor the amounts of irrigated and collected fluid. The screen shows real-time measurements indicating liquid deficit and replaces visual estimations and mental calculations. The surgeon has complete visibility and ultimate control.
  4. Making Surgical Suction Smarter

Product Codes

Product Code Declared Use Product Description Unit of Sale NHSSC
58101Reusable Fluid ManagementSerres SAGA, Fluid Management, Cart, Reusable Inc Suction canister with lid 6000ml, 6 pcs1

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