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  1. ISO 80369 establishes unique designs for different circuit applications. Connectors compliant with ISO 80369-6 are specific to neuraxial devices. The term “NRFit®” refers to neuraxial devices that are ISO 80369-6 compliant. Major manufacturers are using the colour yellow to identify NRFit® devices. NRFit® devices from GBUK Healthcare are exclusively branded “DASH 6™"".

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Product Code Declared Use Product Description Unit of Sale NHSSC
15161001Single Use AccessoriesDash 6, Ommaya Reservoir Kit, NRFit® Accessories, Single Use5FTR2380
15280100Single Use AccessoriesDash 6, Drawing Up Filter Straw, NRFit® Accessories, Single Use 5μm x 100mm1000

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