Features & Benefits

  1. The higher drainage effciency allows the use of smaller drain sizes
  2. Spiral design resists kinking and o¤ ers alternative drainage routes to eliminate blocking from blood clots
  3. 107cm total length, 30cm fluted length
  4. Available with or without attached trocar in sizes 7-19Fr

Product Support

Support Documents

Product Codes

Product Code Declared Use Product Description Unit of Sale NHSSC
24601Single Use 7Fr With TrocarRedax, Spiral Drain, 7Fr With Trocar10FWX904
24602Single Use 10Fr With TrocarRedax, Spiral Drain, 10Fr With Trocar10FWX984
24603Single Use 15Fr With TrocarRedax, Spiral Drain, 15Fr With Trocar10FWX986
24604Single Use 19Fr With TrocarRedax, Spiral Drain, 19Fr With Trocar10FWX5107
24605Single Use 12Fr With TrocarRedax, Spiral Drain, 12Fr With Trocar10FWX5106
24607Single Use 7FrRedax, Spiral Drain, 7Fr10FWX5130
24610Single Use 10FrRedax, Spiral Drain, 10Fr10FWX5073
24612Single Use 12FrRedax, Spiral Drain, 12Fr10FWX5129
24615Single Use 15FrRedax, Spiral Drain, 15Fr10FWX5062
24619Single Use 19FrRedax, Spiral Drain, 19Fr10FWX5128
24621Single Use 24FrRedax, Spiral Drain, 24Fr10FWX5105

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