Features & Benefits

  1. The device consist of a plastic body with and internal one-way valve
  2. Heimlich valve is connected to the catheter via the tapered connector
  3. The valve allows air to vent from the pneumothorax to the atmosphere, but prevents reverse flow
  4. Heimlich valve is also available as a complete set with a pre-connected collection bag
  5. The 2000ml bag is equipped with tap to empty the liquid and an air vent valve to release air-leaks from patient.
  6. Single-use, sterile.

Product Support

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Product Codes

Product Code Declared Use Product Description Unit of Sale NHSSC
10530Single Use Heimlich Type ValveRedax, Heimlich Type Valve50
10531Single Use Heimlich Type ValveRedax, Heimlich Type Valve, With 200ml Bag10

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