Air Supply

Product Overview

Tested for use with patients weighing up to 1200lbs. – The AirPal Air Supply was tested as it would be used in the field as a system. As such, the AirPal Air Supply was tested to conform to the standards while connected to the “system” and with a maximum loading of the AirPal® TransferPad with a patient equivalent weight of 1200lbs. Theoretically, any of the AirPal® products could be used with a higher weight loading. Additionally, AirPal® TransferPads have an air hose connection point on the right and left of the foot end to facilitate transfers in either direction.

Product Features

  • 1100W/1200W UL Certified Electrical Medical Device – Compliant with UL-60601-1. Also compliant with CSA and CE.
  • Integrated cord holder and bed/stretcher hook – permits the air supply to be attached to and transported with any stretcher.
  • Washable and reusable 2 micron filter keeps airflow contaminant free.
  • Hospital grade design – Stainless steel filter enclosure and smooth surfaces facilitate cleaning. A GMPJ double insulated grounded Hospital Grade 3 Prong Cord means easy internal approval for use.