Banana Versal Sheet – Washable

Product Overview

Versal ensures all the bony prominences of the patient are covered and the heels are protected, there is one way to insert for all procedures and one sheet can perform all manual handling tasks. Versal helps the carer and improves care for the patient.

Moving to Versal

  • Helps reduce manual handling operations
  • Reduces the risk of injury to carers & patients
  • Supports the proper use of equipment
  • Lowers the risk for pressure ulcers


  • In over 5 hospitals trailed, 94% of respondents strongly agreed to change to Versal

  • A trust in England has reduced the following

  • 80% of manual handling incidents in the bed

  • 20% of manual handling incidents while doing a lateral transfer

  • 29% reduction in grade 2 hospital acquired pressure ulcers

  • All since standardising on the Versal!